Puff Version 2.1

Puff 2.1 is based on Puff Version 2.0 adding some handy features to this program. Puff 2.1 enhancements fall into five distinct categories:

  1. A `q' (for quick) mode has been added to the plot function. In the quick mode the new plot will be drawn after the complete analysis of the circuit has been done. In most cases this results in a significant time saving compared to the standard `p' plot procedure.

    In the Ctrl-q function the previous plot will be drawn before the new plot. A mixed p, q, Ctrl-p, and Ctrl-q operation is possible.

  2. For many practical uses it is desirable to know the component values of the equivalent series or parallel circuit of the calculated S11 or S22 coefficients.

    After executing the plot (or the quick) function, the cursor should be moved to the desired parameter S11 or S22 in the plot window. After hitting the `=' key the equivalent series components RS, XS and the corresponding C or L value will be listed in the message box. Accordingly, the component values RP, XP, and the corresponding C or L value of the equivalent parallel circuit will be listed in the message box when the Smith chart has been toggled from impedance to admittance state.

  3. The Smith chart has been changed to a 1-2-5 separation giving a higher resolution.

  4. Some more devices have been added. The ".dev" devices available now are a voltmeter (vm.dev), a voltage controlled voltage source (vs.dev), a voltage controlled current source (cs.dev), a unity gain differential amplifier (da.dev), and an operational amplifier (op.dev) with an open loop gain of 10000.

    All the symbols have been standardized for the input being on the wide end side and the output on the pointed side. See Table 1 for a description of the devices.

  5. Some software problems have been solved. Several software errors showing up as "runtime error at ....." have been removed. The malfunction of the cursor (fast flashing) as observed with some hardware configurations has been corrected.

    The `VGA2LASR.COM' print screen utility program has been patched to make it work correctly (solves problems with aborted printouts).

    The software has been adjusted for different national keyboard layouts. Puff 2.1 should handle every possible keyboard layout correctly (i.e. as described in the manual). In particular, problems existed previously with the key combinations `Shift-1' through `Shift-4' in the Board window (F4).

Johannes Gerstlauer (johannes@gerstlauer.de)
Andreas Gerstlauer (andreas@gerstlauer.de)

A. Gerstlauer (andreas@gerstlauer.de)
Last modified: October 24, 1998