Day Hike to the Summit of Mt. Baldy

September 3, 2000

Day hike to the summit of Mt. Baldy (which is just a nickname, the official name is Mt. San Antonio). We started out at Manker Flats (campground) at around 6200 ft., along the forest road past San Antonio Falls, and up the Ski Hut Trail (passing the ski hut on the way to the top) to the peak at 10,064 ft. elevation. Distance appr. 4 miles, 3800 ft. elevation gain, around 3.5 hours.

For the way down we went along Devils Backbone (a narrow ridge) to Mt. Baldy Notch where the ski lift ends. Could've taken the ski lift down but decided to walk along the forest road instead to end up back at Manker Flats. Maybe 6-7 miles or so in 3 hours.


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Sumit and me at the beginning of the trail San Antonio Falls ...on the way... View on the Devils Backbone
Me @ the ski hut Getting to the top... The peak Sumit reaching the top
Panorama view from the top Down along Devils Backbone

A. Gerstlauer, October 5, 2000